Mastiha's therapuetic properties have been used since 400 B.C and even today it continues to help provide relief to eveyone who tries it. Don't believe us, then ask a few of our wonderful customers:

"Dear Mastihashop:

I just wanted to say thank you for bringing such an amazing product to NY. For years, I've suffered from severe gastroesophagel reflux disease (GERD). I've underwent numerous Endoscopy procedures and spent thousands of dollars on various over the counter as well as prescription medications to try to achieve some
relief of my symptoms. Unfortunately, none of the available agents helped. One day, while strolling in the lower eastside, she came across Mastihashop NY. Tamara introduced her to this wonderful alternative medication. My sister proceeded to purchase a box of Mastiha Capsules and gave them to me to try for one month. I began to experience relief of my GERD symptoms after 2-3 weeks of taking this medication. It was such an incredible feeling to not have to be in pain and uncomfortable. I've continued to take Mastiha ever since. I am happy to tell you that I have been symptom free for over six months now. Many thanks to Tamara, Kosma and the staff at MastihaNY shop for such a terrific professional customer service.



"I  have been chewing mastiha for over 20 years for my reflux condition and it definitely helps. I am happy to see I am not the only one who has found relief from mastiha."
-facebook testimonial

"Those capsules are awesome!"
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