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MEDITERRA S.A. - Athens, Greece

Mediterra was born in 2002 during the reorganization of the Chios Mastiha Growers Association, with its primary goal being to create and develop the mastihashop brand as well as expand the store concept.  The Chios Mastiha Growers are the majority owners of Mediterra.  Together, they desire to further grow their market presence internationally by promoting and educating the world about Chios Mastiha and its many uses and unique characteristics through Mastiha products produced in Chios, and elsewhere in Greece and abroad.

mastihashops will be the Chios Mastiha embassies throughout the world...  Chios Mastiha will be at the epicentre of the shops which will create a meeting place that will host products and flavors from many civilizations of the Eastern Meditteranean...  mastihashop will highlight and promote the Mediterranean lifestyle focused on health, well-being, and natural products stemming back centuries...

Taking into account the fact that natural Chíos Mastiha is a product or proposal that goes hand in hand with modern perceptions on well being, the increased concern surrounding healthy diet and environmental issues, and political and societal demand for fair-trade products, mastihashops aspire to become a modern vehicle to promote these ideas for all like-minded people in the world.

Mediterra is currently developing its commercial strength and production capabilites, retail and wholesale sales , and is tackling educating the consumer on healthy habits and the many benefits of Chios Mastiha.

The company today directs the daily operation of mastihashops and has also undertaken: 
-the production and development of Chios Mastiha products 
-the distribution of Chíos Mastiha in Greece
-the external, development and distribution to pharmacies of mastihashoptherapy line 
-development and distribution of the cultura mediterra natural food line

mastihashop USA (MSHOP LLC)

Owners of the first ever U.S. mastihashop, sisters Artemis and Kalliopi Kohas, were born to Greek immigrant parents in Allentown, PA. Their father, Kosta, was one of the many immigrants that sought the ‘American Dream’ and one of the few who actually achieved it. With the same entrepreneurial spirit as their father, the sisters left their previous occupations to work on the mastihashop project, which is not just a business, but a personal and deep-rooted part of their everyday life. With both parents originating from the island of Chios, Kalliopi and Artemis spent every summer of their lives on the island, surrounded by mastiha. The Kohas sisters come from a lineage of mastiha growers and are passionate about the product and its healing qualities. And so, they feel it’s their ancestral calling to be the ambassadors of mastiha in the U.S.

The Kohas sisters spent years promoting mastiha before opening mastihashop in the U.S. Their collaboration with Mediterra S.A., the daughter company of the Chios Mastiha Growers Association and the entity that created the “mastihashops”, began in 2004 with discussions of a store in New York. This inevitably led to their involvement in many other aspects of the venture. Artemis and Kalliopi participated in events sponsored by the Chios Mastiha Growers Association with the EU at the French Culinary Institute in New York and the Greek Embassy in Washington, D.C. In addition, the sisters have attended Fancy Food Shows representing Chios Mastiha and distributed mastiha to New York restaurants through the Kerasma program. In 2006, the Kohas sisters became partners in the mastihashop in Mykonos and in December 2007 were ecstatic to open the doors to the very first U.S. mastihashop located in Manhattan. For Kalliopi and Artemis, teaching people about mastiha and opening mastihashop is their way of continuing their ancestral legacy and their father’s American Dream.

MSHOP LLC is currently selling products wholesale to retail stores.  If you are interested in carrying our products, please contact Artemis at info@mastihashopny.com.

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